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RAA Membership Form and code of ethics

The Religious Advisors Association (RAA) is an association of professional campus ministers serving the Michigan State University community. Members receive access to university privileges including the opportunity to purchase parking passes and campus meal plans as well as recieve affiliate id cards. Being a registered affiliate with the university allows members to serve as advisors to registered student organizations. 


Individuals wishing to become a member of the Religious Advisors Association must fill out a membership form, sign a copy of the code of ethics, and be able to provide educational documentation (bachelors degree and above is required for membership). Annual fees are $45 per organization and $35 for each individual campus minister. If you are new to the RAA and applying for membership, you must attend a meeting and be voted in for your membership to be activated. No new members will be accepted prior to attending a meeting. For more information, please contact Ali Balkan at

Payment is collected via check. If you have an MSUFCU account and would like to pay your membership dues via Member2Member you can do so by using our email address, Please include a message stating who the payment is for and what it is for (new member, membership renewal, etc.) For more information on using MSUFCU's Member2Member service, please click here

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